Sunday, November 3, 2013

High Command

Just finished my latest Megablitz unit. This time it was the XVI motorized corps troops. I particularly like this unit because of all the interesting units that usually don't show up in a regular miniatures game. Let's take a look.
First off we have the the commander with his staff car, as well as the 62nd corps signal battalion. Behind them are the II/23rd and II/Lehr flak battalions. These units were attached Luftwaffe units hence the blue uniforms. The camera flash has made the blue look a little too bright, it's actually much darker. Speaking of the Luftwaffe I also painted up another Ju-87 that you can see in the background
Now we have the combat support elements. The two in the front are the 9th machinegun battalion and the 654th panzerjager battalion. I read that the 654th actually had towed 37mm AT guns, but I decided to give it a JgPz IB instead. In the back is one my favorite stands in this unit the 62nd bridge battalion. Next to the bridge battalion, is the corps artillery with a heavily camouflage 150mm howitzer and sd7.
Next up we have the rear support which include the 473rd corps supply battalion which is carrying a lot of parts for the panzer division including a spare turret. Next to it is the 542nd transportation battalion. This is an army level unit so it has a different tactical marking. While doing my research for this unit it seem that the German army corps usually only had one supply unit. The rest of the upper level supplies came from army level supply units. Behind the supply units is the 83rd medical and 83rd workshop battalion with a Pz III ARV. Both these battalions actually belong to the 3rd panzer division, but I'm keeping them at the corps level for now.
Finally the whole unit together.
 Anyway that's the new unit. I've only one more unit to finish as well as some terrain items and I'll be ready for a game. As for my other projects I'm going to try to do a game of Shipwreck next week; so hopefully I'll have an AAR for you next time.