Sunday, November 10, 2013

North Atlantic BLOODBATH! Part 2

Here's the continuation of the AAR I put up last night.

Turn 5
Things started getting gritty. The Russian frigate Bessmenny manages to repair itself enough to move again. The fires on the Spanish frigate Asturias went out of control and she sank. Now it was only Caron facing three combat ships, but air support was on the way.

Asturia going down.

 Turn 6
Caron continued to close as she waits for the arrival of the first air strike. Caron exchanged fire with the cruiser Grozny and Bessmenny, but none of the weapons hit. Meanwhile, baku started launching Yak-38s to patrol the skies.
The enemy commander taking pictures of me with his KGB spy camera. The scum!

Turn 7
The ships continued slug it out with guns. Caron loses her front gun mount, but does Bessmenny in with her back gun. Four buccaneers arrive on table and fire 16 Sea Eagle missiles before the Yaks can respond unfortunately the ones aimed at Baku are either shot down or distracted onto the AOR  Dnestr. The AOR is blown out of the water.

The ships exchange gun fire at close range.

Which results in Bessmenny sinking.

The burns and goes under after being attacked by 8 missiles.
  Turn 8.
Without a front gun the Caron is sunk by Grozny. The second wave of buccaneers arrive. Unfortunately these were armed with laser guided bombs and had to get close to the target. Three were intercepted by the Yaks and the final one was shot down by an AK-630 CIWS. The battle was over.

The Baku limps away free.
 This was the bloodiest game of Shipwreck we've ever played. Nether side could clam victory. My entire force was destroyed and while Baku got away she lost almost her entire escort group. The loss of five ships, including a cruiser, a top of the line missile destroyer, and a priceless AOR, would result in the commander being court the woods...while digging a hole.

After the game I stuck around to watch Christan's MSH game. Here are some photos

Christians Germans on the defensive.

The Polish forces entering the board.

 A German territorial battalion guarding a town.

The best shot of the game, two air strikes arrive at the same time. The F-4 hits nothing, while the MiG-23 takes out an  infantry platoon.
Next store Micheal had a game of Starfire II going on. Some of those ships look familiar.

Another shot of the Starfire II game.
 Anyway that's what happen this weekend. I think I'm going to take a little brake from wargaming and build a model instead. Last week I got a hair in my ass and decided to gather up all the models I have collected over the years and hadn't gotten around to building and put them all on one shelf unit so I could finally get around to building them all.


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