Saturday, November 9, 2013

North Atlantic BLOODBATH! Part 1

This weekend there was a game day at the local office of St. Leo's. Me and Christian played a game of Shipwreck, early in the morning. The scenario situation was as follows.

World War III has started and both sides are suffering heavier casualties than expected. Yesterday our two fleets clashed in the Battle of Vest Fjord leaving both sides battered with no clear winner. As the damaged American carrier group pulls back, the crippled Baku limps Back to home port.

STANAVFORLANT moving to intercept the Russian Fleet.

The carrier Baku and his escorts headed North to home.

I played NATO while Christian once again played the Soviet navy. My mission was to sink the Baku before it could reach home waters. The Soviets had a more powerful group but several of their ships were damaged and low on ammunition. Here is a turn by turn shot of the action.

Turn 1
The weather at the beginning of the game was bad with rough seas and off and on rain that interfered with detection rolls. I split my force in 2 to force Christian to split his missile fire. The destroyer Sovremenny and cruiser Kronshtadt turned towards my Southern force. Kronshtadt then shot down a Lynx helicopter from the Netherlands frigate Ms Banckert. The Sovremenny and Kronshtadt then fired 4 missile each at the Southern task force sinking the German destroyer Rommel. I didn't have any good radar locks so I didn't fire.

My ships splitting off into 2 separate groups.

4 missiles about to hit the DDG Rommel. The other four were either shot down or distracted by large metallic puff balls.

Rommel burns after being hit twice.
 Turn 2
The rain lets up a little allowing for better detections. Ms Banckert launches another Lynx to replace the one shot down. Baku and the Krivak I Zharkyy turn towards my Southern force. Finally I get some good detections and the missile fight begins. I launch 16 harpoons and 4 Penguins at the Soviets. Baku fires 4 of its SS-N-12 missiles and Kronshtadt fires his last 2 SS-N-14s. All the SS-N-14s miss.  USS Caron is struck by a SS-N-12 but it is a dud. Ms. Banckert is hit twice and explodes. Of the my missiles 9 find targets and the entire Soviet front line disappears.

The Soviet escorts hit multiple times by Harpoon and Penguin missiles.

Caron is hit once and Ms Banckert is struck twice by SS-N-12 missiles

Half the Soviet escort force goes under.

As does Ms Banckert.
 Turn 3
The rain starts up again, but this doesn't stall the action. I turned my Northern force to the enemy as Grozny goes to attack position. My Northern Force fires 8 Exocet and 8 Harpoon missiles as Baku fires his last 2 SS-N-12s and Grozny fires 4 SS-N-14s. HMS London is sunk as the Krivak II Bessmenny is crippled.

HMS London is hit by an SS-N-12. Commandant Blaison actually manage to take out a supersonic terminal dive SS-N-12 with its main gun.

Both Bessmenny and Baku are hit by 3 missiles each. Bessmenny is crippled, but Baku suffers only light damage.

Turn 4
Grozny fires the last of his missiles. The French frigate Commandant Blaison is sunk and the Spanish FFG Asturias is crippled.
Grozny fires the last of his missiles.
The French frigate Commandant Blaison goes under.
I'll continue the report in my next post tomorrow.

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