Thursday, August 13, 2015

Star Fleet Battles Sunday

Last Sunday I drove down to Brunswick to play Star Fleet Battles with Christian, Mike, and David at the McDonald's. The scenario was a free for all between several Orion pirates. The objective was to drop boarding parties on to the wreckage of the Titanic IV. Each ships had a different layout  and we each gave our ships a name. The battle raider I commanded was named Battle Wagon. David had the light raider Blackhole Sun, Mike commanded a heavy raider called Rattlesnake, and Christian named his medium raider The :Last Elvis. Here was the initial setup.

You can see my ship on the far right.
On the first turn most every was going at a conservative speed of around 15-18. I tore through the stars at 27. This would allow me to arrive at the wreck first. Right off the bat David started firing drones at me and we exchanged in a slight missile duel. I then arrived at the wreck quickly dropped off 3 boarding parties then turned away. Meanwhile Mike fired a plasma Torpedo at me.

At the beginning of the next turn I deployed my stinger 2 fighter. As Both mike and Christian started drop boarding parties. Mike also tried to use his shuttle to drop off troops but it was quickly shot down.
 My stinger 2 fighter then engaged Davids fighters. I manage to destroy his F-18, but then suffer crippling damage from his Z-V fighter. David then tractored my fighter. No wanting him to get my stuff I used a phaser to destroy the fighter myself.
 I then found myself in trouble with Christian closing on my aft along with his fight and a plasma torpedo. I used my rear phasers on the torpedo then did a high energy turn to bring my strongest shield to bare. I ended up losing the shield and suffered 10 internal hits.

As the game ended for the day, my ship lost another shield and suffered 10 more internals. We plan to continue this game next month. Despite having lost two shields and suffering 20 internals I still feel pretty good about the situation. Most of the internals were superficial. I still have all my phasers, a drone rack, and a photon torpedo. My only worry is the damage to my scanners and that I was not able to reinforce the boarding parties I put on. Which is what I was planning for the next turn.

Anyway we should be concluding this next month after labor day. Tomorrow I'll be putting up the picks of my new Megablitz unit.

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