Saturday, January 17, 2015

In Soviet Russia the miniatures play with YOU!

The day I made my last post Both my Last Square and Rebel Minis orders came in. I finally got the last bits I needed for my next Megablitz game. The last pieces I needed for the game was some NKVD troops. So now I got Russian units to shot my Russian units.

First Up, in the green hats, is the 72nd NKVD border regiment.
I used H&R early WWI British infantry for the troops and GHQ heavy weapons.
 Next Up, in the blue hats, is the 36th NKVD regiment. These are interior troops used for rear area security.

I also, expanded my Red Air Force a bit with another I-15 regiment and a regiment of Lagg-3 fighters.
The Lagg-3 is C&C, while the I-15 is H&R

Lastly I expanded the tank divisions in the 1st Mechanized Corps. While I was doing so I found out that the tanks in the 1st tank division were actually camouflage, so I went and painted them as such.

That's what I did last week. I hope to get to do the game soon. In other news the Rebel Minis order contained my new HOTT army, which I've gotten based and hope to start painting this week. I also want to start basing my modern microarmor.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Industral Areas and Airfields

As I stated in an earlier post, a couple of weeks ago I managed to get the DW industrial set. I also had bought the RAF airfield set from Picoarmor. I finished painting in the past few weeks and I planned to use them in future Megablitz games. First up are the industrial areas.

A group of warehouses and a factory

I decided to give the next few a more southern Europe look.

The detail on the DW stuff is great and my painting really doesn't do it Justice.

For the last of the industrial areas we have a pair of dock cranes.

Good for sea or river side cities.

Next up we have the airfields. The first pair is a medium airbase and a forward airstrip.

Next we have two more airstrips. I feel the top one would be good for Russia.

Finally we have a pair of desert airfields, one medium airbase and one small airstrip.

Those are the new built up areas. I've only used about half of the RAF buildings. I going to use the remainder to make a pair of large bomber bases. I'm not sure if one will be a desert bomber base. I almost ready for a game I'm just waiting for a few more things to come. I've already got confirmation that they are on their way so I should have them soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year in Review

Happy New Years everyone. Its been a busy year for me unfortunately I spent most of it working and didn't get to play as many games as I wanted. I did manage to do a few games this year though.

In February me and Christian played our first game of Megablitz, with 2 German Panzer divisions taking on 2 French Mechanized divisions. The game went well and I hope to do my next game soon.


In March I finally got to do my Russian vs. Japan Shipwreck scenario. Unfortunately I've haven't gotten the photos to load but you can see them at:

March was also St Patrick's Day, with our annual parade.

April was Gnome Con. I wasn't able to play Shipwreck like I wanted but I was able to take part in Mike's Strike Legion game.

In July I manage to do two games! Earlier I had tried ordering ships from Shapeways and was eager to use them. So I came up with a lateral warfare scenario using both my new LCSs as well as my new container ship and missile tokens.

The following week I tried Check Your Six at Christian's house. It was F-4s vs Vietnamese MiG-21s.

August was the 100 year anniversary of the start of World War I and Morning Star was doing all sorts of WWI games. However in my never ending work cycle I wasn't able to take part in many of them. I was however able to catch a game of Great War that Mike was doing on the last weekend of the month. I hope to play some more of it this year.

In September I got to do another game of Shipwreck. This game was different from the other Shipwreck games I had done as it was an actual Historical scenario, the battle of Dong Hoi.

Finally in October I got to play HOTT with Christian using my new Dinosaur army. We played two games in the afternoon with the first being Romans vs. Dinos (pictured below). My Dinosaurs lost that game. But they managed to get revenge, beating up Christians Halloween army in the next game.

Anyway that was what little gaming I got done last year. For this year, I almost got everything ready for my next game of Megablitz and I hope to do more than one game this year. I also got some ideas for Shipwreck that should be interesting. For HOTT I've got a new army of sea dogs on the way and should start painting them soon. Finally I just got Fist Full of TOWs for Christmas and want to do a game with either that or Cold War Commander. How ever I still have figured out which battle I should start with Europe or Angola.

I not sure if I'll be hosting any games during Gnomecon. I have to have a better idea of the gaming schedule as last year they had the Flea market at the same time as the Shipwreck game I was going to do. I do plan to go to one of the other cons this year, either Seige of Augusta or Rapier. If I do I'll be sure to post a report.

For once again Happy New Year, hope you guys do lots of gaming