Thursday, June 4, 2015

South African 1st Parachute Battalion

   As I've stated before I will start rebasing all my modern microarmor, as will as make some new units. I decided to start with something simple, the South African 1st Parachute Battalion. I ordered a some of Scotia's South African Infantry to start. I had brought these once before when Scotia was part of Simtac and they were awful, unrecognizable lumps of metal. I may have gotten a bad molding, as this recent order was much nicer. The thing that pleased my most about the infantry figures is that it fills a void for me, that being infantry with assault rifles and boony hats. I can definitely see me using these figures for other special ops needs, maybe some Vietnam Australians. Here's some pictures of the new unit.

First up we have the four parachute companies, each with two stands. The South African parachute units were somewhat small, so they could fit onto the helicopters.

Next we have the base units, including: the battalion HQ, recon platoon, Mortars, and AT platoon

Finally to help carry them around, we have a squadron of Puma helicopters.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the entire unit together. All the ships I order have come in, as have all of the aircraft for my next few Shipwreck games. I should have some of them painted by next week, the following week I'm going to Rapier in Jacksonville.

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  1. See you at Rapier, James! I'll be there Friday and Saturday with the family in tow. The infantry and helos look good.