Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Atomic Navy (New ships for Shipwreck)

A couple of days ago I finished painting some new ships for Shipwreck, as rebase a few others. All except one are from the early Cold War period, and will be used in an upcoming scenario. Here are all the new ships.

First for the US Navy is a group of four destroyers. The Coontz and C.F. Adams on the right are rebased units I've had for a while. On the left are leftovers from WWII and the early fifties. Turner Joy is a Fletcher class that has be converted to a Sherman Forrest. The Maddox is an Alan M. Sumter class destroyer from WWII.

Next up for the USN is two missile cruisers. The rebased Leahy class Dale, and the new ship Long Beach.

Finally last for the US Navy, but certainly not least, the USS Enterprise. I like how well the line work came out on this one. The new detail brushes I recently brought worked great!

Now for the Soviet navy I got a pair of Juliet class missile submarines. I haven't decided on their numbers just yet.

And now for something completely different. A very modern Triple E class container ship I just brought from Shapeways.

These new container ships are huge! To give an example here is my Triple E, next to the The big E.

Nether of these ships can go through the Panama Canal. 
Well those are the new ships. This weekend I'm going to Rapier at Jacksonville, so I should have some great game photos up next week.

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