Thursday, June 25, 2015


  This week I managed to get some more painting done. I continued to rebuild my modern microarmor forces. This time I made some opposition for my South Africans in the form of a SWAPO Front. Being an irregular unit, this bunch was a pain to paint, even if the SWAPO had the good sense to stick mostly to greens and browns.

The first part is the basic fighting unit of the Front the Front Detachment. These were the Gorilla forces that actually cross the border to attack targets in South West Africa. This unit has five infantry stands

Normally a Front would have 3-5 of these front detachments but they were so spreed out that only one would  be on the table during any given scenario.
The next unit in my front is the Specialist Unit. These units were made to screen the SWAPO bases in Angola. The combination of admin/base defense force. This unit is well equipped with five infantry stands, one mortar, one AA Gun (a ZPU-1 and a ZPU-2, which AA gun I use will depended on the scenario), one support stand (Clerks, Cooks, etc.), and two trucks. to move stuff around.

Like the front detachments, a front would have several of these specialist units (one per  base) but once again these would be so spreed out that there would only be one on the table at any given time.
 Next up are the base units of the front itself. First up is the CSS units. This includes the commander, a jeep to carry him, another support stand, two trucks, and a stand of trainees.

Now we got some of the Combat Support Units including the recon platoon, engineer platoon, and a T-34 that has seen better days.

Finally I got the AA Battery, with an SA-7 stand, ZU-23-2, ZPU-4, and a light truck to help move things around.
Like the specialist unit, which AA weapons I use (only two in any given scenario) will depend on the year and situation.

Anyway that's what I've finished so far. Next week I plan to paint a bunch of aircraft for Shipwreck, as I am working on two possible scenarios.

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